Self-Hatred of Celestial, Human Body in a Materialistic Drama

Hating your body is like hating your eternal being. Do you hate your body? ‘Of course not. I just love it’ — you might answer. I know that it is so easy to write and say but difficult to feel that. I may announce that I hate my body. Is it something wrong to assume my bad…

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Become Your True Spirit Here And Now Forever

So, you think you can do many things here and there. But you don’t know how to do it. Ugh.. you don’t understand how you can avoid other challenging dramatic scenery from the life. It is the case of most people on the planet. You live here and there, you move, you run, but the…

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You Are Not Worth of Living Here

Do you want to read something interesting today? Tighten your belt; I have a unique information for you. Imagine you live in a world of illusions like in a circus of dreams. So you live there, what can you become? What would you feel? Well, I think you might feel a little bit awkward at…

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Never Change Your Real Self

Behave as you always wanted to act. I don’t know if your real You is even active now. You got entangled to the life of lies. Liar personality exists in every person in the world. It is fakeness, illusionary fake ball imprinted on the soul. You can reach a pure, the advanced, attractive attributes of…

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Today Is the Perfect Day to Die and Grow Up Again

Today is the perfect day to do your errands, do shopping, cut your hair and destroy your life, isn’t it? Oh, do you mean to destroy your pathetic life? ‘Hey, but it is not positive if you want to coach and train people how to solve their problems and taste real life, be positive. Like…

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Fearful Dental Appointments – Here Is Why We Should Erase Them Forever

If the thought of a dental visit makes you feel physically ill, you feel like crying while you are in the waiting room, this article is something you may consider to read. Many people are fearful before going to their dentist.  Some of them never visit dental office. They avoid at all cost to face…

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Why dentists ignore your dental issues

Many people don’t care about their teeth. Their self-negligence lead them to lose their teeth or have multiple dental problems. What about you who care what happened in your mouth? You take all responsibility and with bravery in your heart you set up dental appointment to fix problem and end up with pain forever. That…

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Did Your Dentist Traumatize You? Solve Your Dental Mental Drama Once and for All

I dedicate this article to those who have been traumatized by dentists and still struggle with dental issues. The problem is deeper than your broken, painful teeth. It is about how your previous dentists treated you and how they hurt your feelings. Many people struggle with dental anxiety and stay away from dental procedures at…

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Erase Your Shock From New Dentures Easily

Millions of people wear dentures. Many of these people say that they are happy they got new, good-looking teeth. But what about those people who cannot accept their new reality? They used to have natural teeth, probably for many years, but during that time many dental problems appeared so in time their teeth deteriorated more…

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Why Love is Omnipresent and Accessible For Everyone

“Love is simple” This is what I sense it from my mom’s dog. Maybe it is crazy for some of you but I believe when I have a strong bond with animals I can sense lots of wisdom and feelings from them. And the wisdom is always easy and simple. Only human being complicates things…

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